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Anything you are aware of is a form of awareness within awareness including you body and mind. You are the creator.


-Deepack Chopra



Prices & Membership £6 off each monthly membership till 3rd October. Use promo codes


30 Days
for £34

New Student Special Offer


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 Membership Plus

£68 / Month

 promocode:- memplus

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Flexible Membership 

£78 / Month


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Fully Flexible Membership 

£88 / Month


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Off Peak / Student
Membership £65


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1-to-1 Yoga Class
Appointments £88

If interested, please discuss with a teacher before booking.

Please book at the desk or online. 


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Class Cards promo code:-20202013


5 Class Card £68


£13.60 a class


10 Class Card £122


£12.20 a class

10 Class Card Auto Renew £100

 £10 a class

20 Class Card £218


£10.90 a class

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Drop-In £16

The least economical way to pay for your regular yoga practice!


At the desk: £16 Online: NA



Pregnancy 6 Week Course
We follow Rajashree's pregnancy
series without the heat in our new small studio



January is 30 Day Challenge Month

Get Unlimited Yoga In October for only £88,  buy Fully Flex Membership for one month, no contract required