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Membership Cancellation Request Form

  • Students enrolled on a Monthly Membership may elect to cancel according to our policy below.
Cancelling your membership:
  • Your membership runs for 12 months from your start date, as per the contract, with 30 days cancellation notice required.
  • The completed cancellation notice becomes effective once the form has been received signed and actioned at the studio. It needs to arrive before your payment date (e.g. if you are scheduled to pay your monthly fee on February 15th and you want to cancel for the month of February then you must submit the form before January 15th).
  • You must complete the minimum three month period before you can cancel, this does not include the 30 day notice period. This applies to Flexible Membership.
  • To request cancellation, this form must be completed and submitted in person or via recorded postal delivery to the studio.
  • To request cancellation within your initial 12-month period you must complete and submit this form (if you have “membership plus” membership a £100 cancellation fee will be charged).

In order to process your cancellation correctly, please complete the form fully and remember to sign and date. We cannot accept backdated forms.

Form Login Code is Here (Visible to Admins Only)