Hot 90

This class is taught by:

Sam Goddard

My first Bikram yoga class was in April 2006. I loved it. My very first class was tough- the challenge, the heat, the discipline, the energy and the 26 postures. I knew I had found something very special. I also knew that one day I would to teach Bikram Yoga. That day is now here. Bikram Yoga is amazing both physically and mentally – the lower back pain that I had suffered for several years has disappeared, my stress levels have eased and I generally feel so much healthier. The most amazing benefit I find from Bikram Yoga, is that no matter what type of class you have, or how you were feeling to begin with, you always feel good after you have worked hard for 90 minutes, through 26 postures and two breathing exercises. I briefly tried other styles of hatha yoga when there was no Bikram studio in Brighton and although I enjoyed it, I realised how many more benefits there are from Bikram Yoga. As soon as CJ’s studio opened, I was straight through the door for the very first class! When the time was right for me, I made the life changing decision to go to Bikram Yoga Teacher Training. I left my career and job as the Area Manager for Sussex within a public sector department to fulfil my dreams of becoming a Bikram Yoga Teacher. This was a huge decision, but definitely the best decision I have ever made. I am honoured to be able to teach Bikram Yoga to you all especially as I know how it will help others get the benefits from this amazing yoga practice. Improving you back pain, joint issues and a whole plethora of body issues.

Richie Caveney

I have been practicing Bikram Yoga now for eight years, I am now in my fourth year of teaching full time. Thanks to these amazing twenty six postures, I have experienced great change in my physical, mental and emotional well being. Due to Scoliosis in my spin I used to suffer chronic indigestion, hip and back pain. Thanks to Bikram Yoga I now have great digestion and have been pain free years .I feel blessed to have this practice in my life on a daily basis. Inspiration!!!! look for it everywhere. favourite quote. Pain is inevitable, suffering is chosen I have been blessed to work with and for some of the most dedicated people in this industry both here and overseas, for this I am truly grateful.
BIKRAM YOGA IS PRACTICED IN A HOT ROOM in temperatures of around 42-45 degrees centigrade. So straight away your body is warm and ready for action. As you work through the 26 postures or (asanas) and two breathing exercises, your body's internal and external temperatures start to even out. Your body is now becoming more fluid and open. This allows your muscles to stretch more readily and your joints to move more easily. So no matter what condition your body is in, you can gain a lot of benefit from just one class.

As you get hot you will sweat, a great way to start removing toxins such as nicotine, caffeine and even excess alcohol—not to mention dangerous metabolic waste that can build up, causing all sorts of physical and mental issues.

Upcoming classes:

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